Wapella Christian Church’s mission is to bring the good news to those that need it. We do this with services on Sunday, youth events, and our missions. Below is just a few of Wapella Christian’s staff.
Joshua Gorrie
Jacob Lea
Jacob is the part-time youth minister at Wapella Christian Church. Once a student of this very youth group, he has chosen to lead it to grow more disciples of Christ. Jacob and his wife Alexis have been leading the youth group since September 2017. If you have any questions about the youth group feel free to get a hold of Jacob or see our Youth Ministries page.
Mandi Musick
Mandi is the secretary at Wapella Christian church. She has been working with WCC for 8years. Mandi is married to Tom, who has been a deacon at WCC for 3 years. They both have been regular attenders and active in the church. If you have any questions or need something added to the bulletin feel free to contact Mandi or fill out a form on the contact us page.
Donna Riddle & Sharon
Donna and Sharon have lead Beacon kids for 3 years. However Sharon has been teaching Sunday School for 44+. Donna is Married to VIc who has been an elder at WCC for # years, and chairman of the elders for # of years. Both Sharon and DOnna strive to give the youth the expierence of Christ, but in a way that pertains to them. If you have any questions feel free to contact either donna or Sharon. You can also go to the Children’s Ministries page.