Wapella Christian Church’s mission is to bring the good news to those that need it. We do this with services on Sunday, youth events, and our missions. Below is just a few of Wapella Christian’s staff.
Joshua Gorrie
Lead Pastor
Joshua Gorrie is the lead Pastor here at the Wapella Christian Church, responsible for the teaching, preaching and leadership of the Church. Josh is a graduate from Lincoln Christian University with a Bachelors in Preaching. Josh loves to fish, swim, read and spend time with friends and family. 
Paige Gorrie
Paige Gorrie is the secretary here at Wapella Christian Church. She is responsible for creating the bulletins and newsletters to be distributed on their appropriate Sundays. She’s also responsible for creating the serving lists every year. Paige is the wife of Joshua Gorrie. She’s currently studying at ISU to complete her Bachelor’s in Zoology. She loves to fish, read, play deck-building games, and snuggle with her dog, Humphrey! 
Donna Riddle & Sharon
Donna and Sharon have lead Beacon kids for 3 years. However Sharon has been teaching Sunday School for 44+. Donna is Married to VIc who has been an elder at WCC for # years, and chairman of the elders for # of years. Both Sharon and Donna strive to give the youth the experience of Christ, but in a way that pertains to them. If you have any questions feel free to contact either Donna or Sharon. You can also go to the Children’s Ministries page.